As part of the Team STEPPS model, Level II expands on the framework learned through engaging in Level I activities to continue building teamwork skills. By using the information below, students will learn how to use tools necessary to integrate communication, leadership, situation monitoring and mutual support into a variety of settings.

Intended learner outcomes:

1. Engage diverse healthcare professionals who complement one’s own professional expertise, as well as associated resources, to develop strategies to meet specific patient care needs

2. Choose effective communication tools and techniques, including information systems and communication technologies, to facilitate discussions and interactions that enhance team function

3. Engage other health professionals appropriate to the specific care situation-in shared patient centered problem solving.

Resources and materials to access for the Level II event:

  1. Activity-1-Case-Study-FINAL
  2. Interprofessional Plan of Care Discharge Document
  3. Additional-Information-Audiology
  4. Additional-Information-for-Dental-Hygiene-2019
  5. Additional-Information-for-Medical-Lab-Sciences-2019
  6. Additional-Information-for-Medicine-and-PA
  7. Additional-Information-for-Nursing
  8. Additional-Information-for-Pharmacy
  9. Additional-Information-for-Physical-Therapy-1
  10. Additional-Information-Speech
  11. Activity-3-SBAR-and-CUS-Case-Study-FINAL-with-all-disciplines

Patient and Family Engagement:

The video below demonstrates why strong interprofessional teamwork is so important to patient safety.

Video – Patient and Family Engagement